Artwork for Dub Up’s Anniversary Bash, and an early different color theme. Poster, flyer, banner and a fun detail.
Shapes are inspired by the Yoruba egungun dresses.

Poster design I did for the mighty Dub Up series, this edition with Compa!
Distinctive colors in combination with black and white,  and a vintage picture to set the ‘dub meets dubstep’ tone.

flyer design and banner for a series of lectures and movies by Gezonde Gronden, together with Chamber of Roots. The series are about a different use of nature as a resource. Used materials are markers and acrylics

A couple of facebookbanners I designed for Jah Frequency’s biweekly session @ the Barlaban café, Roots Reggae Sunday.
Last picture is a design I made for a flag, soon more ;)